Ang bilis ng panahon, ‘no?

Imagine, it’s just a matter of time before you hit your 30s!

Do you still remember those things na hindi mo akalaing malalagpasan mo?

Nakayanan mo at kakayanin mo ulit.

Things to do before you turn 30 01

But then, masasabi mo kaya today that you have lived with a purpose before you bid goodbye to your 20-year-old self?

If you are up for a challenge, try these below.

Things to do before you turn 30 02

  1. Learn to let go.

Regrets? Disappointments? Offense?

Mahirap talaga ‘yan i-let go lalo na kapag loved one mo ang nakasakit sa ‘yo, but if you continue to be a slave of your past, you will never fully experience what’s ahead.

Hindi mo kailangang hintayin ang New Year to start a clean slate, you can begin now.

  1. Know when to say no.

Maging totoo ka sa sarili mo. What are your top priorities in life? Because saying yes to everybody will only burn you out in the long run.

  1. Name your fear and conquer it.

Fear of public speaking? Start presenting in front of a small audience.

Fear of heights? Go mountain climbing.

You can do it. You are bigger than your fear.

  1. Upgrade your skills

Enroll in an online class or learn a sport or attend workshops. Constantly learn new things to elevate your skills. Malayo ang mararating ng taong willing matuto.

  1. Love your body

… enough to take care of it. You’re not getting any younger. Kung dati akala mo okay lang ang lahat, now you need to watch your food intake, allot time to exercise, and visit your doctor for check-ups.

  1. Save and invest.

By now, dapat may ipon ka na and have invested your money para sa financial security mo. If hanggang ngayon you’re still waiting for that “right time”, ito na ang sign mo. Check mo ito.

  1. Time to travel.

Ayaw mag travel dahil walang budget?

May paraan kung gugustuhin.

  1. Don’t leave your debts behind, face it.

Lalo lang magiging komplikado kung tatakbuhan mo. Whether it’s a big debt or a small one, it should be paid kahit paunti-unti.

Want to know more about debts? Click this.

  1. Disconnect to connect.

Cleanse from social media every once in a while. Don’t deny it. Social media may have taken over you and you NEED a break.

  • Hangout with the wise.

Sabi sa Proverbs 13:20 TPT, “If you want to grow in wisdom, spend time with the wise. Walk with the wicked and you’ll eventually become just like them.”

Things to do before you turn 30 03

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